Land of Learning Academy
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Land of Learning Academy is a private preschool for children 1 through 5 years old. Hours are 6:30 am - 6:30 pm, M-F.

We also offer After-School Daycare Programs through J&B Arts & Crafts School through 5th grade.

Land of Learning Academy strives to present a program which reflects the following beliefs: Learn

  1. A belief in the tremendous importance of the early years of a child’s life through academically based child care.
  2. A belief in the right of each child to be an individual but with respect for others including those with special needs.
  3. A belief that academics, patriotism and prayer are the foundation of our future leaders.
  4. A belief that the child learns through play and his/her independent explorations.
  5. A belief that a small social group provides the child with an opportunity to develop a positive and individual self-image before he/she steps into the broader school environment.
  6. A belief in the necessity of providing an environment where creativity, discovery and exploration can flourish during thier preschool years, as in the following:
  • Recreation Room & Classroom
  • Creative Arts at J&B Arts & Crafts Studio
  • Construction Area for Block Time
  • Housekeeping Area
  • Library
  • Manipulative Area (Puzzles, Games, Motor Skill Development)
  • Math Area
  • Science Area
  • Dress-Up Area
  • Music/Stage Band Area
  • Mirrored Room for Dance, Tae Kwon Do & Tumbling
  • Clubs with an atmosphere of friendship
  • Computer Skills